Creating Stylzed 3-D Letters: Curved Shapes

(ConfusedBadger) #1

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on some 3-D Stylzed Letters but I seem to have hit a snag.

The issue I am having is creating the curves that extend off of B, D, P, R. What is the best way to create these so the models maintain a consistent dimension?

I tried extending the mesh out and then creating a separate shape tied to a curve, but I noticed that once that model gets deformed, the thickness changes; additionally, I cannot figure out how to connect the vertexes while maintaining the arch that I want.

Attached are two images of what I am currently working with. Any assistance is greatly appreciated:

(FinalBarrage) #2

Just use text, dont model each letter. you can even add fonts with an addon



Using text is one way, but if you can’t find font you like,
then you can use inkscape to make shapes in 2d import
svg to blender (optinaly convert to mesh) then extrude
(and bevel)