Creating text with a border/outline?

Is there a way to create text where letters are outlined with a different colour border?

Not sure if it’s obvious what I’m asking, so see attached image.

I’m not looking for bevelled edges, but an outlined one
(although possibly a coloured flat bevel might work?)

Anyone have any ideas?


There is possibly a more elegant method, but you could try Edge Rendering as a quick fix.

Another option would be to convert the text to Mesh, and assign another material to selected vertices.

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I want to affect only one object - probably having reflections/etc, which I’m fairly sure Edge Rendering wont do?

You might try duplicating the text and modifying the “Width” parameter in the Edit context.
Here’s the blend.


Good life!


OutlineText.blend (123 KB)

Thanks, that seems to be close enough for what I want to currently do… although I’ve somehow gone and “lost” my textures on the text objects. :confused:

Hmmm. So I deleted the textures and re-did them, and it seems that unless I have my second text object (the outline, Font.001/Text.001) selected and in Edit Mode, my initial piece of text (the main colour, Font/Text) disappears.

Anyone got any ideas why this is?

I just did this yesterday.

I recieved an illustrator file with strokes around the numbers. So I exported the internal number as a SVG. Then I took the stroke, in illustrator, and expanded it out to become a real path. I exported that as SVG as well. I brought them into Blender and colorized them as needed.


That’s a good option. If you like, you can do it in inkscapetoo.