creating textures ....

Hi . after i have got my new PSP camera yesterday , i decided to put images that i take to make free textures out of them , i will put them here , and alter them as you want , use them , and make them tile-able , feel free to use them …

bye .


Nice pic! How would I make something out of it?

Cool, thanks for this.
your texture,
the bump,

Wow! Is that normal map or bump map?

hi , here goes a small scene out of an altered clone of my texture …
first time to host a blend in BA :cool:


tiles.blend (348 KB)

i wonder when would be able to apply normal maps without python ? , next release ?

Yep, thanks to Apricot :slight_smile:
Nice texturing, thanks!

you can do that allready… just download an apricot build from

make a blender material… chuck in a normal map… tell it to map to normals and you will see the effect in the viewport straight away…

thanks kirado , i will check this soon :slight_smile: .

But with the apricot branch you can’t make runtimes(.exe) with it yet :<

how do you find it the build?
I couldent get it anywere. :yes: