Creating Textures

Hello. I have problem with creating the textures in Photoshop. I´d like to know how to create awesome textures. I was triyng it but my textures don´t look great. I was just thinking that here could be someone who could know how to create those awesome ones or who could know about some site whre I could find it out.

Hit File -> Awesome Texture.

what sort of textures did you have in mind?

I thought game textures. If there is someone who could know how to make the textures as they are in todays games as on Xbox 360 or PS3.
And textures which are in movies where is used CG (on blue or green background).
I mean if those people are painting those textures or if they uses photos.

Game textures are made up of different maps; diffused, secular, and normal. When you combine all those maps you get the looks. Check Game Artist Forums.