Creating Thanos and The Infinity Gauntlet

From sphere to finished Thanos!

I wanted to take a break from my regular FlippedNormals duties.
So for about a week I only focused on this project. It’s sculpted in Zbrush and final renders are done with Eevee. My god that render engine is amazing (You can see those further down the post)
With a little bit of comp in Blender as well.

I was really inspired by the quick work that Rafael Grasetti has been doing over the years, but it’s super tricky with this kind of fast concepting!

While the sculpting and concepting was a satisfying experience, rendering and lighting it with Eeevee was a pleasure! No need for Cycles when you can achieve this in ‘real-time’.
The trickiest this here was the shader setup for the Infinity Stones. A few people on Twitter helped out on that one :smiley:

Spent another 2 weeks editing this time-lapse though :sweat_smile:
So if you’re curious about the process, please give my video a watch.

Anyway, enough of me rambling. I hope this project can help someone in someway with creating something similar.



nice job with Thanos :slight_smile:
I want to ask about transfering materials between Zbrush and Blender…
Is this just a vertex colors with some material tweaks or there is more magic to it? Final result are very nice and detailed.
How dense was the mesh that you imported to Blender? Did you do some reto and baking or this is just straight forward high poly ?
I am working and sculpting just in Blender so high poly count and lack od polygroups are always a pain in managing materials for evee.


VRAY COOL :heart_eyes:


nice work i didnt realize you render this beauty with blender in the timelapse video lol!

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It’s just polypaint that I baked down to some textures.
The final model in zbrush is 50 million, about 4 in Blender after decimation.

I would find it hard to sculpt something like this in blender due to those things missing as well.

But rendering is a different game :smiley:

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Thanks :D!

Thanks Michael!
Yeah those pan shots are all done with Eevee. It made so much easier to shade as well.
Those shots were also comped in Blender :slight_smile:

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Something to show it off a little more. These are the Eevee render with comp in Blender

Has a better closeup of the gauntlet

This one has a shot with Thanos’ face :angry:

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