Creating Threads that won't appear?

I am new to Forums, and am annoyed about my posts. I have made three threads that work (!) but three days ago I posted a fourth, which is still not there. I posted again the next day (two days ago, for those keeping the score at home :)) the same message which is not here either. I am not sure if it has been banned (!?!?) , but it has no obscenities, nothing. I included a link to RapidShare, is this alright?



I can’t seem to make a new thread.

Don’t include links are attachments. You need a certain number of posts (15 I think) before these are allowed to stop spam.

You should see something like this at the bottom of the forum for your particular circumstances.


Oh thanks Richard Marklew. I didn’t see that. Maybe it’s tedkarenm2’s problem too.

If you haven’t any patience.