Creation of contra-rotating propellers (Beginner question) [Solved]

Hello all,

I’m trying to model a contra-rotating propeller, which is a system of two propellers where one of them spins in the opposite direction. The blades on one prop are necessarily mirrored versions of the other. I’ve been able to model one set of propellers, but now I’m stuck. I can’t figure out how to make a mirrored version.

I’ve tried using a mirror modifier but I can’t separate the two. I’m still learning Blender, so I’m positive it’s something easy, but I can’t figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I titled this thread really badly. I should make it clear, the object being modelled doesn’t really matter. I simply wish to make something that has a clockwise twist, then make a copy of it with a counter-clockwise twist.

From what I can work out you seem to want an identical set of propellers just above the one that you have made (or maybe not if a plane, but read on it will make sense). The easiest way would be to select the original propeller and press shift D. This wil duplicate them. You can then move them across the Z axis to place them just above. NB: You can do this in either edit or object mode. The difference is in object mode they will be a seperate mesh. In edit mode they will not be.

If you must use the mirror modifier then there are a few things you should know. This modifier mirrors in relation to the objects centre point. You know the objects centre point by the position of the white dot of your object. By default this is at co-ords (0, 0, 0). However you can move it. For your example if you move the 3d cursor to just above your original propeller. (3d cursor is that circle like icon that moves if you left click in the 3d view, or right click if you have change the selection mouse key). When you have done this enter object mode. In the bottom left of the 3d view select “Object” then “Transform” (from the menu) Then select “Origin to 3d cursor”. Once this is done add your mirror modifier. However disable X axis and select Z axis in the settings. This will give you a mirror just above your object. Essentially you will have what you are asking for. However if this is for a plane then you will not want the z axis. You would follow this advice and place the origin in the appropriate location and use the X axis instead. Not sure exactly what craft you are trying to make.

My Edit, Just wrote out the above and noticed you have added something at the bottom. In edit mode under “mesh” there is “mirror” in the menu. You can duplicate (the easy way). Then select all the vertices of the new propeller and mirror it appropriately to get what you want

Ah, I see. I’m currently away from my work computer, so I’ll give it a shot when I get back home. Thanks for the tip.

EDIT: It worked beautifully. Thank you again.

It worked beautifully, thank you. Seems I forgot the simple Space bar + type what I’m looking for trick. Thanks again.