Creative EP630 Headset

Hi, this is a image of my Creative EP 630 headset. I use these all the time and from the first time i bought them I have been through 5-6 pairs. :slight_smile:

Time: 4-5hours.
Render: Cycles 10min (500passes).
Gimp 2.8: Frame and Text.

I made another one, and uploaded it to BlendSwap. Link

Sorry you haven’t received any feedback yet. They look excellent, top notch. The subtle surface texture really looks great. My only suggestion for added realism (which may not be what you want…) would be to add in some more subtle imperfections (slight variations or irregularities in the shape of the rubber, for instance {among other things}, because nothing manufactured is ever really perfect). I can see that you added a slight bend in the wire directly below the bud, some more of these types of imperfections are what I’m talking about. If you’re going for that level of perfection, smoothness and regularity that you see on products in renders on TV commercials, congratulations, you have achieved that perfectly. Well done.

Thank you, I didn’t think about that. I will do that next time. :smiley: