creative mp3 player

My first post is this forum so, Hello everyone!

I have drawn the Creative Muvo Slim mp3 player.
What do you think of it?
I haven’t created a real scene for it yet. I don’t know how to make it look realistic. If anyone knows were to even start? :wink:


Welcome to Elysiun!

Muvo looks really nice. I did notice some things you might to improve though:

  1. I think that the black area around the screen and the silver area should have a seam. Look this pic to see what I mean:
    It’s no biggie though.
  2. Turn down the specularity and make it harder.
  3. You could model the backlight of the screen. This would useful especially if you decide to make a scene in which most of the illumination comes from it. I think a scene like that might look nice.
  4. The connector near the headphone connector should be same silver as the upper chassis. Also you could add the golden pads things to it.


what i find boring about most product sence is often that the object is put into a generic scene. so try to prevent that.

since you do a industrial design rendering why dont you stick with
presentation technicques common to that field?

for example take a marker and fill a rectagle, scan that in and apply that
texture to a rectangle you could put behind the mp3 player to play
with positive/negative space… or render print sketch over it scan the
sketch and compose both digital and hand together …

there are many ways to make it look interesting. for product shots i think
the product should be the focus and not the scene surrounding it.

regarding realism maybe try out yafray and a full GI with a hrdi probe.
the light setup will help a lot

Thanks for the replays!
I’ve added the seam around the black area in the display. Didn’t show very much. as for the specularity and the hardness I reduced them a little, but until I’ve created a sceene with proper lightning it is not much to do about them. The headphone connector is black originaly and i will keep it that way.

I have downloaded yafray and i’m going to try it now. I have no idea what hdri is. But i will chech it out. I will post another rendering if it takes shape.