Creative one off model needed

Hey! I’m TJ and I’m looking for someone to make a one off model based on a drawing I made when I was 6.
Its a very simple little bipedal alien dude, and I do not have the skills to fully realize its design so I need your help.
All I need is a model and texture; rigging, alt textures, and renders are optional but will be rewarded

Multiple artists are welcome, you can team up if you want!
Open till October ends and art not due till November 13th

Bare minimum requirements, a single T-posed model colored with a textured wash to make it not look like playdough.

Expected; something with joints that could be posed, a texture that could be recolored with moderate effort.

Beyond expected: Posable without jagged polygons, could be retextured with and RGB slider, Can be dropped into an Unreal engine game and look fine.

If you are skeptical weather you want to accept:
I can pay for you to plan your design for 4 hours show me what you got and give me an estimate on how long the project will take and weather you would like to continue or not.

Max earnings per person: 110 USD

Contact me here, or at: [email protected]
Subject: Blender model TJ.
Tell me about yourself and previous works, and have a PayPal.
I’ll give instructions once contact is made.

EDIT: As of October 10th all applicants will get a reply to wait for now, because I’m a humble college student and will run out of money if I try to contract all of you.
Feel free to apply Now, you will get a response. I’m Just letting you know now, you will need to wait for me to have more funding.


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