Creature 0.3

I’ve just finished texturing and shading… Missing shading of the eyes.
I will now proceed with rigging and shapekeys.
I want to create muscle deformation based on shapekeys linked to the rig to create realistic muscle deformations…

The Tong seems a bit dry, but for the rest I’d say it look fantastic! :smiley:

Wicked. Nice texturing. Now your Spider v2 has an enemy to fight :slight_smile:


actually I will use it for an animation reel, tutorial support and a new illustration :slight_smile:
thanks for the nice comment.


I’m done with textures and shading…
I will now start rigging -_- … that’s gonna be tough here.

I know that the face rigg will be very hard to perform to close its mouth keeping muscle position relevently.

If any one has an input on this that would be really appreciated.

Very nice job !
Bravo, superbe boulot !

Amazing job, really like the texturing of the skin and the subtle depth of fiel in the last shot. My only issue is that the bumps on the tongue are very similar to the bumps on the lips. Also the tongue seems a bit dry ;), probably is due to keeping the mouth open for so long…LOL

thanks mate, your short is pretty impressive.
some moment are very well animated and composed… Must have been a hell of a job.
how long did it take?

Terrific job of modeling and texturing.

Steve S

and I’ve learnt something new…
I usually keep multiresolution on my characters but I just figured that shapekeys and multiresolution are not that friendly and make the multiresolution sculpt deforming extremly…
So, I’ve used the baked displacement map and add a displace modifier instead + a subdiv modifier with the same level as the former multiresolution and now I have smooth deformation of the jaw while keeping the same ( or subtuly different) amount of sculpting detail…
I love those moments :d

Ok, I can hear the experts " you’ve got distortion on your map"…, that’s correct, but I think it’s pretty limitated and I will tweak this.
All rigging is done but FaceRig for shapekeys… I also havn’t done muscle rigg for advanced deformations… I’m so happy with the result by now :smiley:

… Also, I havn’t applied all correction to the jaw movement but from now it allows extrem yet “realistic” deformation :slight_smile:
Think I can complete the weight painting till wednesday… Hoooo… I love it taking alive…

Lovely work. He would fit perfectly into the Oddworld universe :wink:

Is anyone know a way to simulate saliva for animation?

Thanks ! Took me 4 years to achieve it. What kind of saliva are you aiming for ? A strong specular shader could do the job but if you want to simulate filaments, you could do it with simple meshes with shapes for stretching and some soft bodies with pinning.

The texture and mouth look great, pieriko! I’m eager to see the results of your muscle deformation using shapekeys.

I second SR3d’s suggestion of simple meshes/soft bodies. Is it saliva that stays in the mouth as part of the rig, or does it drip/spray out?

Hi James… Actually both.
I wish I could simulate saliva fibers an projections, for close up on the animation.
I’ve never used fluid simulation… Soft body, well one or 2 times maybe.

I know it´s all about research and time but I suppose someone here have experienced this and get convincing result.

thanks for your great feedback BTW.

I believe he will be nice… Even without saluva -_-

General rigging and skinning are done and work pretty well so far.
The mesh is deforming pretty smoothly and decently.

I need to create the secondary rigging for smooth mouvements of the tail and control of the eyes and also the rigg for facial shape keys.

I havn’t done any shapekeys yet that’s why his expression is inexistant.
I will also work on muscle shapekeys at the same time.

still a lot to do but I’m getting close.

Wow, Amazing creature.
your textures are great.

I agree about the tongue. It is too dry. Other than that, I love it! I can’t wait to see this animated!

Wow, really awesome modelling and texturing! The rigging and facial expressions look great too! Very inspiring stuff :slight_smile: