Creature Epsicore

Hello, my latest creature concept, have a good day


That’s pretty cool, how did you create that? Anything procedural in there?

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a base sculpt + particle & metaball = collapse mesh again sculpt in blender and boolean send in Zbrush and back in blender with vertex colors and algo texures and rendering in cycle :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Really don’t know what this thing is but it looks cool!

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Pretty cool :smiley:

The human shadow which gives the scale, It makes me think about this awesome monster with some tentacles in Stranger Things :



what a cool piece! Must have been tough to produce this. DId you only use Zbrush for remeshing or did you do more work there?

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Wow!great work!

I think this material is very similar to my favorite candy cane.:drooling_face:

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Thx you So much BART !

Only zbrush

I also featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Not sure what you s meant by only zbrush. I thought you used blender for modeling as well?

for the retopologie and a part of modeling.