Creature factory DVD


Does anybody know what the release date is of this stunning DVD? In case you haven’t seen the preview, check out Andy’s masterclass from the Blender Conference.

download link

or Google Video



That fruit thing is keeping him too busy to work on it, it seems :wink:

That could be an explanation yes. While Peach (or Big Buck Bunny) will be a stunning short movie, just like its precedor, I hope Creature Factory will be published not too soon after :slight_smile:

wops, I actually meant, “not too late after”. :slight_smile:

hey there!
i’m extremely sorry for the delay. peach is indeed taking too much of my time for now, so i can probably continue working on it in april. on the flipside, peach has been (and still is) an amazing learning experience and i definitely want to put a huge amount of that on the dvd as well! :smiley:
in the meantime… i posted a few pictures on my site a while ago if you’re interested:

another issue i will have to adress is the transition from version 2.45 to current svn. a major part of the dvd material has already been recorded in 2.45, so things like particles, compositing UV edting are slightly out of date. the only possible solution (other than re-recording everything) i can think of is to make a special chapter about this transition process.

anyways, thanks a lot for your interest!

Hi Andy, saw this one at the blenderconference, still looks really nice.
I’ve noticed something on the 4th and 5th image though. I was wondering if those are intentional or something else, because I can’t quite fit them being there. They look like a distortion of some sort. If it’s intentional, I was wondering why those are there?
at the jaw rotation point, slightly at the bottom to the right, and at the point where the cable from his mouth meets at the chest.
at the base of the poles? with the bright lens flare or light, and various other places on the terrain.

FreakyDude: apart from all the other stupid obvious mistakes i can claim that this is intentional. :smiley: it’s an animated lens distortion to mimic the appearance of raindrops on the camera lens. like many other things, they look better in motion.


looks like it will be interesting. When I first heard of it and the title of the DVD i thought that the creatures were going to be in the style of Peach characters but that style is one that I am more interested in.

Exactly what will the DVD teach? Creature concepts and modelling, original rigging, story animation…? Those pictures are phenomenal, and dripping with mood (and apparently, distorting raindrops)!

Hey Andy,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Love the screenshots! Is there a possibility to pre-order the DVD?

Keep up the great work!



I would second this!

This DVD is going to be just ridiculously cool.

True, very true… Just watched Andy tell about it in the video yesterday, to figure out what it was about. Still not quite sure what it is about. But I want it :smiley:

The blender e-shop
the dvd ships 8 july