Here is a creature i did with ms paint.It has been a while.

If you want to become serious about painting (without spending money), you can give Krita a shot.

MS Paint is designed to give just a bare minimum in terms of painting and editing and it’s not intended to act as a professional application.

I’m on windows 10. I do not think i can download that.Because it is for windows vista and newer.I am not sure if windows 10 came after windows vista.

Maybe you can still get the free upgrade to windows me

Krita works fine for windows 10, here’s the download link:

Besides the software, you should check tutorials in drawing and painting, there’s a LOT of tuts on youtube and vimeo to get you started.

I installed krita from the zip.Krita says msvcr110.dll is missing from my computer.I am on windows 10.

I made this character with inkscape.I think i will call him skinnyguy.

interesting colours

Did you use inkscape before to draw?

Here is a dog i finished recently.