Hi Everyone!
My latest work. Enough speed creature. I used blender to sculpt and textures, zbrush to detail and hair and finally rendered in keyshot. I hope You like it.

A very interesting character, aeron. Immediately I noticed the part of his body connecting the chin and chest; very unusual and almost morbid, but still intriguing. I think the peaceful lighting and colors help to ease the image from looking painful, as does his expression.

Very nice execution, your materials and textures are excellent, as is the sculpt of course! Top quality work!

I really like Your substantive and comphrensive comments. Of course i see defect on my work for example to strong sss and some rubbery skin, i will try rapair all in future work.
Thanks James once again

aeron, for some reason I like much the strong sss, I think you work is cool, you handle harmony colors, and have nice details, remember me much the zbrush illustration.

I give you 5 starts :yes:.

Looking at the (for lack of a better term) skin whiskers I have this very visceral reaction… but this creatures gives off a level of warmth that I can’t help but think of Mr. Tumnus from Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.