I’m working on a creek scene for my demo reel and want to get some feedback.

looks great! i think there should be just a little more grass on the bottom left but that is up to you, Good job and keep up the good work

The log is too dark, and one’s eye gets stuck on it. Brighten it up a bit. Also, the water looks more like sludge than water at the moment. I think if you decrease the strength of the bump map a little than it will be fine.

Cool scene, it reminds me of Horton Hears a Who to some extent.

Cheers and God bless.

there are no ripples around the rocks,leaves,etc. also the vine on the stick looks a bit like plastic

A tranquil looking scene…
The water is very reflective, looks a bit like mercury
The edge of the water is very straight. I think a creekbed should be filled with rocks and pebbles - mesh ones along the edges, and texture maps for what’s under water
I saw this the other day, might give you some ideas:

If this is for a demo reel would it be better changing the aspect ratio to something more cinematic? I assume you’ll be animating the creek scene?

There doesn’t seem to be a focal point to your scene, if it’s the water to the creek it doesn’t stand out as so. The camera position isn’t exciting, the lighting is pretty awful :slight_smile: and the scale of the elements feels all wrong. Without the wireframe I wouldn’t be able to tell what I was looking at. :slight_smile:

There focus and depth of field is odd as well. Are you using anything as reference, have you got some images or prefereably video if you’re going to animate it to work from?

A few more tweaks.

The focal point is the log…for right now. I will add more elements around it to drag more attention to it.

I just added the flowers…they have generic textures right now.

If I can figure out render layers I’m going to blur the rocks that are in the creek.

Soften up those shadows. The DoF is a little bit much. Throw in a little ambient occlusion, there should be no black shadows. Some of those rocks are a little too smooth and clean looking.

There is a mysterious shadow with no visible cause in the bottom right, between the rock on the bank and the really shiny rock in the river. Speaking of, lower the spec on the rocks. Also, the grass on the bottom left is WAY too unfocused, it looks almost like it was stamped on, since you can see some grass underneath that is much more in focus.
Also, the water from the first version looks a LOT better IMO.

Could you flatten out the slope a little? What seems to “get” me the most is how tranquil the creek looks (nice job) - but this doesn’t seem to fit with (my percieved) angle of the hill.

looks good start ,but if you want photorealistic scene then you will have to tweak water and use grass mesh with texture and shaders ((its easy to make one mesh and use scatter modifier.

Another render…going in and fixing texture maps adding more details. Going to start filling in the scene with more vegetation. Going to move the mushrooms too.

I still don’t understand what the extremely blurred out green splotches are in the bottom left. Are the from a plant off screen? It’s not grass, because you can see some grass through it.

Its a bush

Updated with new textures, trees.

That is so much better!

Great job!

It looks good, but the grass in the top left looks a bit flattened to me.

how did u do the water?

I like it a lot! Materials, lighting and composition look great. In my opinion, the only thing that needs fixing is the river’s bottom texture. It’s too blurry.
Nice work.

This is the water setup. I also have a texture applied to it as a bump map to give the water some extra detail…its just a black and white bitmap.