Creep guy

Good morning guys,
Damn, I haven’t posted on here in ages and ages… And to be honest, I got very lazy in terms of personal projects. However thought I finally jump back on the train, and use the Christmas break to work a little on a current project and thought, why not share the progress.
He’s obviously work in progress, and my current task is to give him a facial setup since I’m planning to do some animation on him.
Anyways, here are some pictures of the current state. Textures and groom are on hold for now, since I’m back in modelling land :wink:
As usual, C&C always welcome,


ok, modelling face shapes is a long and tiring process, so I took a little break from it and decided to give him a little hair.


Great model… Pheh… poor guy :wink:

heheh, thanks mate, yeah, he doesn’t look too happy lol

those textures & bump make me jalous bro!! how to do so?

Looking good ! to many late nights looking at the computer screen on that poor dudes eyes…

So perhaps where we all are headed right ? :smiley:

hahaha, maybe I should title it as self portrait then really, lol

wow, ok, haven’t updated for quite a while. So after all, I decided to put the facial animation aside (for now) and do some overall little fun anim. The hair was done in yeti/maya, since unfortunately blenders hair system is not great (yet). It was a really tricky process to get the hair over to blender, since blender doesn’t really support animated curve abc in rendertime. So I ended up caching out a point cache of the hair, and then gave it thickness via geometry nodes, lots of workarounds, but in this case did the trick,

hmm, sorry, looks like I can’t upload video here, so it’s a link to artstation

So looks like Artstation decided to mute my post since it has nudity, I will have to put on some underwear, at least for the thumbnail, hahaha

ok, arstation doesn’t allow this project, I’ll have it on vimeo instead:

also some still frames:


Nice! Congratulations!

ha, thanks a lot mate

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What do you mean Artstation doesn’t allow this project?! Because of the peen!?

They literally be selling naked reference photos on their market.

yeah, It was quite a battle. It got taken down multiple times because of being “inappropriate sexually explicit”, lol… many many emails later tho, it is up again… Just wondering how long for, ha

One of the most unique and well done designs/renders I have seen in a long time. This guy may look like Serge Gainsbourg after getting hit in the face by a truck, but I guess at least he is packing some nice hardware :slight_smile: Everything here is so well done I can’t begin, but my favorite detail here are the socks. You rock!

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Ha, thanks mate. I really appreciate those kind words and am really glad you like it :wink:

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