Creepy corridor

Creepy corridor
This is part of the ‘’Blender Environment Artist: Create 3D Worlds’’ course I found on the Udemy website and it was quite fun.
I created and added a few extras.


biggest thing that stands out to me is I don’t think the patterns would change so much from one “brick” layer to the next. While each might have it’s own, there would be more vertical consistency between bricks in a drip pattern.

Hi there! Thanks for your comment gradyp. Yes I think I agree with you on this one. I picked this texture from and maybe I could have picked a more suitable one. This really was just a quick exercise, maybe the next one will be a bit different. :wink: By the way I like your low poly creatures, especially the frog.

Thanks :smiley: I did those quite a while back. Have a 3D print of the frog and made stickers of the set of them.

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