Crepe Myrtle

Hey everyone… I’m new to Blender and animation in general. (About a month or two of exp.)

I’m working on doing several plants for the landscaping company I work for… cutting grass for a living just isn’t cutting it. . So I decided to try and start with the crepe myrtle seeing how is the most complex of plants we use.

I started with the tree base (not shown)
and then jumped to the really small flowers for the flower clusters. (See reply)

The first flower petal I sculpted…

I tried using a more procedural displacement method to generate the rest

Will keep you posted. Feedback and criticism welcome.


More ref.

Thank you. Unfortunately - that is not the same plant I am making. Fortunately, I have probably 40-50 pictures on my computer, both from the intetnet and I take pictures of.them at work all the time too.

Fortunately - the flowers are so small in real life that the accuracy of detail on the petals is a minor detail.

I’ll definitely keep you all posted and really appreciate the effort.

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I’ve really been taking my time with this project as the plant uses a variety of sizes of limbs, leafing and branching systems, flower groups and petals… etc.

I modified the materials to add some cool lighting fx to the petals on the flowers… hopefully it works out in the end.

I lost a lot of depth in shape by using displacement rather than sculpting, but considering that the flowers are about the size of a thumb nail in real life… . Well, we’ll see how it turns out. Here’s the updated petals for now.

I also started building the base of a flower and applied a random texture for the first node. Will tinker with it more as I go.

Here are some references snaps so you can see where I’m going with this.

Now it’s time for bed. Work starts in 6 hours. I’d love to hear thoughts from any environment/assey artists or achitectural/landscaping modelers.


why are you using phone for screenshots?


I don’t have Internet at my house. . :confused:

A bit difficult to see your progress on your project when everything is so blurry though !

But , from what I can see , looks nice so far. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’ll be sure to render some higher quality images once I get closer to finish products and transfer them to my phones.

Just came across this thread. Your sculpted petals look great.

I am interested in modelling flowers too. I have tried a number of methods to generate the petal geometry: bezier curves, curve modifiers, armatures and straight sculpting. It’s a shame Blender does give you an easy method of starting with a flat shape and allowing you to curl and fold it (while preserving it’s area).

All the same I have a number of simple petals that I’m reasonably happy with and have gone on to group these on a flower head using a particle system.

The thing that is limiting me right now is the petal material. All my efforts so far have looked a bit ‘plasticky’. Real petals have a fine structure which I am sure must affect reflections etc. This is what I am going to start working on.

I am sure modelling convincing flowers must be fairly difficult - but then that’s part of the adventure !