Crispy CHOC

Finally I had some time to get my first experiences using geometry nodes in Blender. I was inspired by Tomas Kral (Twitter: @TomasKral_cz), who had created a similar ice cream.

I picked the same topic to create an ice and learn some basic steps working with geometry nodes. I’ve learned a lot and would like to show you the result here.

The compositing was done in Blender too. No third party apps were used. Just the small crispy CHOC logo is done in Affinity Photo.

Drop me a line, if you’ve questions.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Quite scrumptious looking!

Woow, nice work!

Would you mind sharing your blend file?

Thank you a lot, Bart!

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Great. Two features, wow! :grinning: Thank you a lot!

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I think I’ll place it in my gumroad shop for download. I let you know when it’s online.

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Download the Blender file for this project, if you like. It’s a pay as you want download (1,- EUR +) to support me for publishing more Blender stuff.

Here’s the link to gumroad:

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Hope to increase Alipay’s payment mode.

@sum_Yummy Hope to increase Alipay’s payment mode.

I’m sorry, but this is a gumroad decision and I’ve no influence what kind of payment methods are supported by gumroad.

really cool stuff. Bad point is that the node’s ll be deprecated by the new 3.0 GN version.

Thank you for the info. I haven’t evaluated it yet. Do you know how to sample procedural textures in Blender 3 instead?

for the moment they have added four “in GN” texture nodes.
But i’m guess, in the future you could get it as “attribute” out of other blender’s parts…


OK. Thank you. Using bitmap textures or procedural like clouds etc. are a must. I hope the devs implement a way until the master release in December.