Crispy squirrel bits

Hi everyone.

I’ve bin working for some time now on a fallout scene ( I know, fallout is not the latest thing, but it’s my all time favorite game ). And now i think that it’s time that i start sharing it with you guys. I want to ear some feed back on it before i go any further.

Just to let everyone know, i started learning Blender 2-1/2 month ago, and i feel like i’m starting to become comfortable with it, I’m having more and more fun. But went i thick about what i don’t know yet… better not to thinck about that :spin:.

Ok, somethings i know : 1- My meat texture is atrocious. 2-My kebabs sticks are too clean, the plate and the fork too. 3- I have a repetition on my window texture.

So let me ear what you have to say. Some tips and advise are most welcome.


Cool scene. Fallout is also one of my favorite games of all time, but I never played the 3D one. If you were going to add something, you could try one of those mutated apples, also cockroaches always go well in post apocalyptic settings.

Thanks Modron. I was thinking of adding some debris on the table and your cockroaches are a good idea, it would really add to the scene.

Great work thus far! One thing I would tweak to really add some Fallout/Post-Apocalyptic punch is to change the lighting. How often is it a bright sunny day in the Fallout universe? Answer: never/rarely! The sky be scorched, yo!

Try adding some cloudiness or gloom to make it a bit more atmospheric.

Also - to up the texture/material quality of your works and really sell the realism you should definitely check out Blender Guru’s “The Secrets of Realistic Texturing” tutorial.

I hope it helps, and keep up the good work!

Thanks! This scene definitely need more work.

how about a half spilled box of mentats? I assume those carried through to the 3D version.

how about a half spilled box of mentats? I assume those carried through to the 3D version.

Yes they did. :yes: Hmmm! good old mentats, always useful.