Crit on Proprtions Please - Final for now (May 2/02)

(BgDM) #1

I am working on a robot assasin type charatcer and need some crit on the head proportions as it stands right now. Not much to show, just the start of a head with a type of facial mask, eyes and top of head.

I really need to sit down and finish off some of my other stuff. Too much going through my head and need to get it out though :wink:

Thanks for your comments.


(Turrin) #2

Looks good so far. I think I would make the eyes a little bigger. Not too much though. Either that or shrink the mouth area.

Can’t wait to see the finished version!


(BgDM) #3

Thanks Turrin. Eyes will have a little bit more around them,(i.e. controls and hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, etc.), so I will not touch them yet.

I have a small update posted on CG Talk. The thread is here:

Thanks for the input. Anyone else out there?


(Bapsis) #4

Nice work so far, i definatly want to see what you finish up with. :wink:
Im working on a female bot myself right now, how are you at texturing and getting good chrome effects? We should talk bot… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #5

Bapsis: thanks for the comment. There is srtill a long way to go for this one before I even think about texturing or reflections. I hope that by the time I get this done, I will have gotten good enough with Virtualight to do a proper raytaced image with reflections, etc.

If you need some help, I am not bad at texturing, but not the best either :wink:

As far as reflections and chrome go, I have finally got the hang of that aspect. If you need any help there, drop me a line.


(slikdigit) #6

ooooh. looks really promising. can’t wait to see what you do with it.
Proportions look good, and since its a robot exact realism isn’t nesseccary, just believability, and I believe you’re on your way to that.

(Bapsis) #7

Thanks man, i too am ages away from texturing my bot, so we can talk about that more in the future. :wink: As far as using Virtual Light or another ray tracer im still undecided, i want to see what i can do in blender first.
I did read over a few chrome and reflection map tutes, but iv not really tapped into it yet, i just figured out how to do bump mapping thanks very much to Goofster’z tute posted in the new journal.
Definatly keep posting your updates, and when i advance a bit i may post mine or send you a wip.jpg. Good luck with your project.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #8

bassaminator: thanks for your thoughts. I love your work, so coming form you, this is high praise. I want to make it somewhat realistic, but as you said, not too relaistic, as it is a robot type thing.

bapsis: I think I will try rendering in Blender first, once finished and textured to see what it looks like. Then maybe do a VL render as well. I am sure the VL render will look better, but you never know. You should post your progress as well. I am sure everyone here would want to have a look :smiley:


(BgDM) #9

Slight Update:

Linking to, cause I can attach the image easier and then you can also see the progress. Direct linking to image does not work with Tripod. Any suggestions as to free sites where I can direct link the image?

More comments?


(slikdigit) #10

nice work. The shadows in that render are interesting, I’d suggest turning shadows off for the testrenders (unless you want to do a GI setup, which I find is generally not worth the render time)
I usually do up a slightly blueish cast and a slightly orange cast lites as two fills at slightly different angles to each side, a key that’s head on and up that’s dim and more neutral, and sometimes a rim light that’s white and bright, all point lights, no shadows. I pick an unsaturated light color for the material and I usually turn specularity down or off. that way I can get relatively quick test renders that don’t look too bad.
bye now

(S68) #11

Nice start up!

I can’t comment on proportions! I t is a robot, it is build
with components and components are of a given
dimension, so proportions are completely up to you!

Can’t wait to see it finished :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #12

Slight update on the head. I think I am finished with this for now. Will move on to another part of this and come back to it for small feature additions later.

Thanks for your input to date. It has been a great help :smiley: