Critique my alien model!

I was commissioned by a small local business to design, model, and texture an alien for possible future use. I’m looking for some valuable feedback. I know that it is very “generic” as far as aliens go, but that is by request of the client. Please let me know what you think. Also, please keep in mind that this is very early on in the process, and is therefore very rough around the edges. Thanks!

Looking nice .
I wanna see more :wink:

Thanks. Here’s an updated shot.

I’ll post a turntable soon

i think you should add some sphere for the eyes to sculpt better that part :wink:

BTW are you using the Unlimeted sculpt ???.

I’m saving the eyes until the very end because I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with them yet.

And no, I’m not using unlimited sculpt. I use Sculptris if I feel like I need wiggle room, but the topology of this one was good enough that I’ve been able to get the detail I need just using the standard multires tool.

First impressions as the pic was downloading was very amaturish. On looking at it I know you are a capable modeller but what stood out was the ‘mouth’ area (sides). It looks like a cheezy grin done by a poor artist. Harsh i know but I would want that part fixed up. Over all its looking good. Texture will add to it big time

  	 			First impressions as the pic was downloading was very amaturish.

That was my thought too, but I was taken aback by how original this is and ‘non-cliche’! If you want critque, it will probably have to wait until your textures.

I think you are doing a terrible mistake the eyes should be the first of all :yes:

The eyes are the essence of the model :wink:

You must ;).

I don’t use sculptris
But is your decision :yes:.

Well , look maybe you should do something like this.

Work better the neck too :spin:

Thanks for the ideas. The reason I haven’t added any eyes is because I’m thinking of doing something kind of incorporeal in the eye sockets. Maybe something like this:

The mouth-looking things on the sides are eventually going to be more fleshy air sac/gill-type things when it’s all said and done. I agree that they look off now, but I think that when I texture it, it will make a lot more sense aesthetically. If not, I’ll just smooth it out a bit/do something else with it.

Here’s a side shot for more reference.

I’ve done quite a bit of work since that shot was taken, but I’ll post after I’ve done some texture work.

Thanks for the great ideas everyone, keep them coming!

Well , i only giving you my point

If you don’t like it don’t bother me .

Good luck

… yeah, that picture isn’t the one I originally added. Sorry about that, let me find the actual one. Sorry.

EDIT: I think it’s fixed now. Sorry about that. Whoever hosted the other picture was clearly a dick.

The gills were clear to me right away, so I think you can get away with that. Aliens can come from very strange environments, where it makes sense to have both gills and a nose…
From the side, the head looks very heavy compared to the neck, however. Unless you want to express that he comes from some gas planet or lives under water I suggest making the neck capable of comfortably carrying the head around in standard gravity.

The details on the mesh seem you are out for something photo-realistic. Look forward to more updates.

Here’s a small update. I’ve been working on the texture a bit, but I don’t think it’s quite ready for prime time yet. Also, I didn’t work much the past couple of days because of the holiday. Anyway, here’s the updated mesh. Added some more “interesting” topology, a couple of spikes, and some veins running away from the gill/air sac areas.

Also, I have a question that probably doesn’t belong here, but maybe one of you can answer it anyway. I’m using a separate UV map for the head and chest portions of the model, but not matter what I do, I can’t get the normals to bake to the second UV map. You can see the problem in both of the pictures above on the right. The head portion baked out fine, but the bottom tries to bake to the non-existent UV data on the head map and I get a very weird result. Any ideas?