Critique needed for arch viz - Lounge Room

Hi guys.
I’m looking for serious ciritiques for this image.

It’s not finished at all, but it’s finally good enough to be published.

I most appreciate thoughts on composition (do foreground and background fit together?..). Also tell me about weak textures.
Please do it on high level, I’m here to learn :RocknRoll:

Note: the exterior is not made yet, so don’t mind that.

edit: new image for thumbnail:

orginal first post:

Thank you!

The cushion material is amazing, the leather of the sofa and the stainless steel can be better. You must to check the scale I think, of the objects.

what object do you mean doesn’t fit the scale?I’m working with real scale, so there should be no problem at all. maybe the very high blue cabinets?

thanks for the reply

Excellent work. I also see some relative scale issues. The metal legs on the coffee table seem very thin, and the faucet also looks thin. The coffee table looks extremely low to the ground as well. The plant in the foreground seems off on the texture, maybe some more gloss on it. And this is a perosnal thing but I always like tables to be squared in the room. Really nice work so far.

okay, thanks for making that clear. although the sizes are right, they just look strange :stuck_out_tongue: the coffee is from a star designer and is as it is here, but I will put another coffee table there, it doesn’t fit here, thats right.

I will update the post tomorrow with a newer version. And soon I start to decorate the room, now it is still empty.

So, here I go. (about 800 samples)

I tried many things to improve the whole situation with the sofa and carpet, but I didn’t really like it. So I decided to change the camera angle and focus on the kitchen. I finally achieved the stainless steel material I wanted by using a anisotropic shader. And I decorated the kitchen with a few models from the architecture academy and my own.

Now first things to improve are: the glossy white material. wood floor can be better. window glass. grey wall behind plant. fill the room. do room which is seen in the blue mirror. improve lightning

let me know what you think and give me inputs.

This new render is really really great. I wish I could find something to critique for it, but I can’t. The first one, however, the table seemed off somewhat, but you’re working at that it sounds like. Scaling looks right to me in this newer one. the layout is different, however. I notice that there is a ~6" tall border on the ground underneath the counter? It looks a little off-I’m not saying not based in reality, but I am wondering what is the purpose of it? Lighting is great, colors are great. Good detail on the smudges on the right hand of the image/refrigerator. I keep hearing good things about the architecture academy…makes me wish I could afford it, lol.

thank you for the kind words! Ya, I’m currently spending some time to get the table texture and finer modelling right. It has at the moment too much a metallic/plastic look, but I aim for a real dark wood texture.

Hmm, maybe some grunge from the bottom will boost the realism of the “~6’’ border”, but as far as I notice it in reality, such a border is pretty standard…

and for the architecture academy: really worth the money, but you’ll need the platinum. then with the texture-,HDR- and foliage-pack, you have a solid base to work with.

Ah good ole arch arctectural pre visulaization! :smiley:
The lighting can use a little work, if you want a warm cozy look, make the outside lights have a tinge of yellow, if you want something colder and more futuristic, then go with a blue tinge. Also compositionally wise, I have a hard time keeping my eyes on the kitchen island. You can fix that by adding more contrast, either make the island brighter, or the background darker.

This project is awesome, keep up the good work! :smiley:

I think the metal down the glass wall is too reflective and I am agreed with ferrettank about the warmer lights. That is my opinion.

@ferrettank thank you. I will work on the composition to highlight the kitchen island. and I also gave the light its full saturation back.

so here’s a little update:

the kitchen wood still needs to be changed, now I got it too dark :smiley:

Ughh would take my a year at least at my skill level atm :smiley:
My feel with the right side with the wood and floor is that it looks that the wooden floor is a bit floating where in the middle it seems about right. good job man :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you snauws, what do you mean by “floating”?

here’s a little update. gotta work on the rocker horse.
(i accidetally forgot to plug the smudge texture into the metal shader, so dont mind that :P)

Like scrapbook, would that make it more clear? I hope someone can assist me with my explenation =)

get 2 different photos and cut and add them together then you can tell they are seperate objects, thats what pops into me

okay, I think I get what you mean. It may come from the darkened edges. I will turn the effect slightly down.

So finally an updated version. changed a lot of things, but it’s still much work to do.

This is beggining to like me, You can add a texture to the horse and to the basquet at the left side, You can put less value of saturation to the inside vegetation (back the fuits) and put a lower value of gloss to the orange fruits at the left side that is what I think.

thank you juanrav. I turned the saturation down of the inside plant. But I changed again a lot of things.

Now I’m almost done.

Now I need opinions from you guys! For the composition mostly. Is there any room that still feels empty or which could be arranged better? What about the colors?

1 or 2 shots from a different angel will follow.

Wow, this is looking incredible, quickly approaching 5 star level. You’re almost at the point where all the decisions are purely artistic.

I’ll start with the 4 things I think need adjustment:

  1. The floor is raised about 1 cm, and my eye jumps to it. The chair would be off kilter and a modern house usually would have level flooring. I would just raise the stone floor up 1 cm and the plants and tables and books too.

  2. The wooden horse feels out of place. For one the edges are quite sharp, it looks like it would hurt to ride. I would increase the bevel, or relax the loop cuts. It also seems quite antiquated (old) in a house with all modern appliances.

  3. I agree with an earlier post about the raised/sunken floor on the right. I can’t tell if it’s a trick of lighting or if it really is sunk in on the right, but the horse feels like it about 4 cms below the wooden floor. It is making me looks and adding an odd uncanny feeling. i think that leveling the floors (or changing the lighting a bit, if that’s it) will let the view appreciate the scene more.

  4. The wine bottles. I cannot put my finger on it, but I keep staring at them and wondering why they look wrong. The scale might be off, they may be too small relative to the known scale of the bananas.

The great parts of this scene are as follows and consider focusing (literally and figuratively on them)
The scene has a great foregorund , middle ground and background. The eyes travels well and great distances innto the piece. The blue frosted glass is just perfect, and serves to desaturate the background against the dabs in color in the fruit.

It just a very pleasing scene to look, modern but not ultra perfect. Lived in but clean. With a small amount of work I think you can get past all the small and few technical issues and just focus on the pure art of the piece, experimenting with different camera angles and shot specific lighting. Really incredible work.

This is kind of for fun, it’s such a nice composition with great levels, I cropped off the edges and focused on the meat of the scene, with a small desaturated vignette which I’m sure a lot of people will hate. Hope you don’t mind.

thank you for long response! You are right about the levels, I will change that. To improve the realism of the wood floor I darkened the edges through vertex paint. That’s why there is the effect on the right side, should easily be adjusted.
Maybe the the scale of the bananas is wrong, since the scale of the wine is fine…hmm

for the horse: I also will work on that, put it there to fill some space. Maybe I delete it :smiley: Wouldn’t be the first object I created and kicked out again :stuck_out_tongue: