Critique wanted for archviz add

(Peetie) #1

Hi I want to make an animated add that shows that I do archviz and product vizualization. First I need a good scene and this is the start. It looks ok to me, but it’s not interesting enough. Any idea how I can make it more interesting?

(alf0) #2

nice work !!!

for first its beter to make the scene looks like any normal life
the woman is looking to us which means that she knows that this is a shoting set,

make the scene like a normal one , like if she is watching or reading

(Peetie) #3

Hi @alf0
That’s a good one which gives also the opportunity to hide the most difficult part, the face a bit.

I want to make the room a bit more spacier as well. It doesn’t show really archviz at the moment I believe.

But I am happy with most materials, rendersettings, light setup and post so far.

(Kit MacAllister) #4

I hate to say if you modeled that character, but I would get rid of her entirely. Professional archviz rarely uses character models, especially in interiors. They are usually used to show scale in exterior shots like public meeting spaces. People are also devilishly difficult to make look realistic and even tougher to animate.

My second note would be to show a lot more of the room and ideally show what/where this room is in relation to the rest of the building. Without windows I’m not sure if this is a house, an apartment, or even a business space. It will likely require a lot more modeling, but if you’re working on an animation the effort would be well worth it.

(Peetie) #5

@kittrick I didn’t model the character. :relieved: Got it from MBL. Indeed it’s a hell of a job to make a character look right. Not sure yet if I am going to get rid of it yet. Depends.

And indeed, at the moment there is not much archviz to see. Made the scene a bit bigger.
Windows is a good idea. I am thinking about it in spare time.
The video will be about archviz and product visualization and maybe characters.

(Romanji) #6

Definitely get rid of the character. It has nothing to do with the topic, is a distraction and looks completely unrealistic, a dead giveaway that the whole scene is CG.

(Ghaell) #7

As others pointed out, get rid of the character, it looks very unrealistic.
If you really need the character add it with post composition with a lot of blur to hide the imperfections.

The overall scene looks nice, but I particularly don’t like the colors, it makes the whole scene look a bit squashy. Try to increase the exposure to add some brightness to the image, maybe some contrast and color balance to break the mood.

(Peetie) #8

Ok ok :grinning: You got me convinced now. Get rid of the character, I thought about it, and you must be right. For me, no way to animate a character realistic / or wouldn’t match in archviz situations.
Soon I have some more time to finish it. . A bit relieved here because a character is really time-consuming. (An to expensive for future clients just in case).

(Peetie) #9

Quickly some adjustments, but still a lot of work to do.

(SterlingRoth) #10

Couch looks real blocky and blobby at the same time.

Do you have a photo reference for the couch?

(Peetie) #11

Its all kitbashing except the device with knobs and the lamp, (euhj, and the wall and floor). :hushed:
But could easily model it myself but lack of time is more convenient to do it this way.
There are a few things I see myself:

  • the tv-cupboard looks cheap with quite sharp edges

  • The darker color of the cupboard looks a bit odd.

  • The couch could use some shaping/modeling.

  • More is needed to make it suitable for an archviz add, like Window(s), stair maybe, hint of another room. I don’t know yet exacly.

(SterlingRoth) #12

If you are putting this out to advertise your services and abilities, you really gotta make sure everything is top notch.

Taking the time to refine and polish your assets will certainly improve the perceived quality of your work. The composition is nice, but the quality of the models reduces the overall effect.

(burnin) #13

:thinking: Have you ever considered learning first what you’re about to offer as a professional service?

Anyway, it’s good to be aware — in inceptum finis est

(Peetie) #14

I think I have to consider myself as generalist using Blender which I use nearly every day for 5 years now. But only that is not what you can sell. You have to visualize products or do archviz etc but for all those I didn’t study specific. My idea, if it is archviz or product visualisation, is that people have idea’s in their mind, but without any visuals, it’s hard for them to sell their ideas. I could make visuals of that so they could convince other people. That is what I am going for. Maybe I shouldn’t then advertise as archviz. If you could advice me in that as well, would be great. At least you give me then advice I can learn something from.

Not sure what value your words so far are for me.
I am asking for critique on the render I made for an archivz add. That means critique I can learn something from. What I learned now is that someone is thinking that I maybe should learn.
I speak some English, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, French, German, unfortunately don’t recognize in inceptum fines est, but it sounds very wise.

(Kit MacAllister) #15

@Peetie Already looking much better with a wider camera angle!

One thing that I think would help this scene a lot is some good lighting. Right now I get the impression that you have a global light which is very even; that’s rarely the case in an interior. Maybe come up with a point of view on where the windows would be and then position your lights on that side, or even better model some very basic windows and then use an HDRI to get some realistic color in your light. I’m really digging the reflections of the lamp on the gold strip, very pleasing textures up there.

(Peetie) #16

Ah yes, lighting. How is it possible I didn’t bother about it. (probably was to busy with the character at first).
The gold strip is a called by the author conditional fresnel, RoseGold Alloy. I believe it looks a bit like the thin film shader by moony on blendswap. It has no texture.

Another thing I tried was evee. I got 3x a GTX 1080 TI in one machine. and took 4 minutes to render one frame in Cycles. With Evee I use a GT 630 and it takes now 3 seconds per frame. I think it’s better doing bizz with Evee : although that quality is different or lower, we can now use animations instead of stills. Couldn’t that give some entries?

Here a test in Evee (first part) :

(C_Campbell) #17

uhhh cross the womans legs. and put the coffee cup in her hand and turn her face away from the camera

(deltaIX) #18

‘cozy 2 bedroom apartment with modern appointments… breathtaking views of the uncanny valley…’

Seriously though, speaking from personal experience as someone who works in arch-viz, it doesn’t look like you’re at a point where its a good idea to even bother advertising this way yet. I’m gonna sound a little mean but I’m just trying to tell you what I wish i could have told myself a few years ago.

I think you clearly demonstrate enough skill that you could take some small gigs to build your skills up and get some portfolio pieces before you attempt to advertise in this way. A good tip for your first few jobs is avoid any listings that say Arch-viz. Clients that are even aware of the term will be expecting more than what you’re demonstrating here. Find yourself the 60-something suburbanite on craigslist who wants you to ‘do a sketchup’ of his new inlaw unit and you will blow his goddamn mind with this quality of work as hes just expecting an unrendered sketchup drawing. In my experience he will also post it on ‘the facebook’ and potentially get you more clients of a similar nature. With the bar set lower, you have a lot more freedom to practice your skills and build confidence while still getting paid.

Also, there are wayyy too many great sites where you can download high quality furniture models (some free) for you to be modeling your all your own stuff. Some of your models look nice and then some (like the couch) look like they should go back to secondlife. My advice is to get everything you can from a professional arch-viz model site. You will hardly ever find everything you need for a scene this way and those items you cant find give you an opportunity to practice modeling. If you put all that time you saved using pre-made models into modeling the 2-3 items you cant find online (i mean really model the shit out of them with many reference photos, real-world scale, careful uv unwrapping etc.) you will have a great looking scene and models you can use again in the future.

I can tell you’re closer than not to photo-realism and on the brink of having a viable Arch-viz career. Push yourself hard, take all the advice you can get and dont settle for things looking ‘pretty good’. Do those and I promise your work will be better than 50% of arch-viz posts within 6 months and better than 90% in a year.
best of luck.

oh and ditch the real-doll man…

(Peetie) #19

Hi DeltalX,

Thanks for the feedback. Although I live for then years now in the UK, English is still my second language and although I get the point for 80% I need to read it once more.

Put the bar lower is a good idea. I came to that idea when I was in a trainstation. They were renovating the trainstation and there was a poster/add of how the trainstation would look like. And that was a pretty bad composition and I thought I can do much better than that.

As I read all the comments here It seems I have to be carefull with using the term archviz.

I will review this thread later again to collect all the usefull comments. At the moment I have some other projects. And then I come back to this once ready.

Eh, yes it really looks like a doll. (I was so focussed on the shaders that I even didn’t see it).

(deltaIX) #20

My apologies, the English in your posts was good so I phrased my post the way I would to a native English speaker. I can see how some of the language I used might not come across as easily if its your second language. The main point I was making about the term Arch-viz is not that you should shy away from using it but when you look for some of your first clients online, it might be best to avoid clients that are using the term arch-viz. Usually (at least in the US where I live/work) a client that uses the term arch-viz is expecting work that is basically photo-realistic and knows from looking at work on sites like behance that its possible. However, there are many smaller clients who need arch-viz work but aren’t familiar with the quality of professional work and wouldnt even know to use the term. These are great first clients to look for because they will be happy with work that wouldn’t satisfy a higher level client who looks at top-tier arch-viz projects and wants the same quality of work.