Critiques on Animation?

Hey there! I’m working on this animation for my class and i was wondering what i could do to improve this scene. :eyebrowlift: It’s supposed to be a hero saving someone from a burning building, any tips as to what could be done better? Would have included the cape but for some reason the cloth simulation isn’t working as expected. :confused:

Probably remove that barrier blocking the shot

The civilian looks stiff when carried.

Looks like slow motion.
I advice you read something about animation basics, it moves but it’s not animated. “Animator’s survival kit” would be a good start.
Motion is completely one speed, you should read about spacing.
Walk cycle is not finished yet? Foot roll missing, too uniform speed, no gravity, no weight. Take a reference. Film yourself walking, try to imagine how you would walk in this situation (after just having escaped death), maybe some acting, looking back at the hero, stumbling? Then draw key frames from the video on paper, with notes about timing (in which frame happens what?). Then start animating.
Maybe the hero should fly down faster, and reduce speed just before hitting the ground. That would give him more power.