Critiques on lighting, skin shading etc..

What Could I do to improve the lighting, skin shaders, hair or overall model in general? thanks!

Hi Xanderman

She is looking good, I like her a lot.

  1. Try this skin shader.
  2. Her head is a funny shape on the top, try to correct it.
  3. There are some hair tutorials on you tube, but your hair is looking quite nice for this character.
  4. Get a normal map on the jeans, not sure what you are going to do on the top as the texture looks black at the moment.
  5. Fix her belly button.
  6. I like the lighting you have at the moment, but I am by no means an expert on this.

Keep it up, looking good.


Looking pretty good so far. I would follow speed777777 suggestions.
I like your hair shader but here is my hair shader if you want to try it.

The anatomy is kinda disproportional - even for a cartoon needs to follow some form:

  • top of head is deformed, rest of face is nice
  • there is no rib-cage, the torso is too tall in comparison with belly
  • legs doesn’t attach naturally to the body

Bra is too big and material is too dark imho.