This is a fan art that I make for DOTA game
it’s low poly (4994 tris) and this is my firstlow poly character

I’m using blender and gimp for the tools


That’s pretty sweet, I like it.

Great to see it finally finished. Like the final colour you used for his back. Much better. His face looks great, very much like the original SK.
Anyway, great model, good luck with the entry.

Nice pic 4* from me.
Would you be so kind and share the material and if used node setup for the green glow?

@caffeine_addict: Thank you…

@FloorPlay: Yeah I kinda lazy these days. Thank you…

@musk: well the key is in the texture
give the maximum value for both emit and specular
since I’m using specular, then the lightning will affect the material
for the blur effect and minor fake light I’m using node setup
you can see the attachment at the bottom

for blur effect (DOF):

for the fake light you can see the tutorial here:[pepeland]-iluminating_with_normal_nodes.htm

Thank you guys


wow, that’s some nice texturing

looks great, the glow is very well done indeed!
most impressive, hope you win also.

@+‘´¯)BonE(¯`’+: thank you
I see many tutorial about texturing, but I only see 4 great tutorial (IMO):
I forgot the link for the other one :evilgrin:
hope it will help you too

@Meta-Androcto: Thank you…

Great model, and awesome texturing! I love the glow (as everyone else did :slight_smile: ). Thanks for the links too.

@nfollmer: you are welcome… :smiley:

What’s DOTA? I might have heard of it, just don’t remember it at the moment. That is a really great model, especially the texturing. Also, the glow effect is really nice.

Great model- I play the now last mission in WCII TFT, and it’s look exactly like the model of Anub’arak ‘the Crypt Lord’ (which I guessed the SK model is based on?!?) it’s really nice to see this game model rendered - maybe you should apply this to blizzard fun art also
Just a thought…
any way good luck
@ tarkata14, DOTA FAQ

@tarkata14: Thank you

@E-tek: Thank you for explain DOTA for tarkata14 and good luck for your last mission.
well, sandking using a different model from anubarak
btw I don’t have enough confident to post this thing in blizzard fan art
maybe later I create a better one :evilgrin:

Hello K0h4n I’ve pm’d you about this model can you please check :slight_smile: