Crkva Svetog Djordja / Church of Saint George

This is more test model for one bigger project… also my first successful upload on Sketchfab :smiley:
Draft model, one of iterations, here is without bell tower. Only difuse map. Also because many restrictions, model is little off ( look at size of roof tiles :stuck_out_tongue: ). Baking was very good in Blender and upload on Sketchfab is breeze. btw. I put model as free download but don’t see this option? Maybe I can’t see this as uploader or I mess something… again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“real” render with other maps


Sketcfab link
(100) Crkva Sveti Djordje - 3D model by alekba (@alekba) [0da8261] (