Modeled and rendered in Blender 2.54


Wow that’s really cool. love the textures.

Awesome work

Hey nice job!

NICE. That’s awesome.

nice, theres just something wrong with the dof

That’s hilarious! Good job.

Great work!

Oh, and welcome to BlenderArtists!

Nice merging of crocs and dragons. The bump mapping looks really good. Would love to see more of the model and I would love to see it in motion.

  • Floyd

It is definitely the best creature render I’ve seen on this forum in a long time, this is stunning work, I do agree that the textures and shading are nicely done and gives a nice idea of what to expect when meeting a Croc/Dragon hybrid.

Beautiful sculpture-modeling. great render. *5

great renders, color, modeling tex …all!

^What they said^ :slight_smile:

Great image! love the teeth.

wohoo. nice. seeing this monster rigged and animated would be a treat. great work sir. :slight_smile:

damn, its time to look and learn five stars from me

well done!

sculpt was made in blender ?

Yes, it was made completely in Blender and textured in GIMP. Thank you.

this is nice!

awesome work dude, 5 stars from me! :smiley: