Cronopios & Famas - Blender / FLOSS Feature Film

Hi there!

I’m glad to present to you the first Trailer of Cronopios and Famas, an animation feature film that is being produced in Argentina, based of the short stories of writer Julio Cortazar.

The film is being created exclusively with Free and Open Source Software, from image treatment and animation, to audio editing and final mix. Production started more than 2 years ago and we’ve worked with a team of 5 to 7 people, so it has been a really hard job to get the almost 100 minutes of the film done.

The movie consists on ten different short stories based on Cortazar’s book. At the same time, each story has been painted by a renowned Argentinian artist. This paintings were digitized, treated in Gimp and then animated in Blender using a mix of 3d and 2d motion graphic techniques.

The audio of the film is also based on Creative Commons sounds downloaded from and has been edited in Ardour. The final video and audio editing is being made with Blender and Ardour synchronized as a single application using the Jack audio server (Jack transport).

No need to say that this is all done with Linux :stuck_out_tongue: .

We are currently finishing compositing and doing the final render. My guess is that the whole movie will be finished by April.

I hope you like it! I’ll be back with more news as soon as the movie is finished! For now, here is the Trailer:

Film Crew:

Director / Producer: Julio Ludueña
Technical Director: Juan Pablo Bouza

Paintings: Carlos Alonso, Daniel Santoro, Ana Tarsia, Crist (Cristobal Reinoso), Luciana Sáez, Felipe Noé, Magdalena Pagano, Antonio Segui, Patricio Bonta, Ricardo Espócito.

Animation Crew (Orchestra men!):
_Claudio Andaur (malefico)
_Juan Pablo Bouza (jpbouza)
_Guillermo Espertino (gez)
_Iván Hoffmann (digitalh)
_Pablo Lizardo (pablolizardo)
_Manuel Pérez (picasus)
_David Teres (davidomatic)
_Darío Tacco (melonboy)
_Álvaro Vidal (alvarus)

2d Assistance:
_María Florencia Bouza
_Verónica Bouza

Programming (import Gimp image to Scene addon):

_Daniel Salazár (Zanqdo)

Video Editing and Sound Design:

_Juan Pablo Bouza

Finally, some links:



Juan Pablo Bouza

I will try to make some of the project files available for download as Creative Commons.

I think that uploading the whole movie project won’t have much sense, but it would be interesting to upload certain scenes to share some motion graphics tricks we used (compositing, rigging, modeling, etc). It will be a nice contribution.

Anyway, I’ll do all this when the movie is finished and when we have a nice website, hehe.

Weird movie… and loving it! I really liked the whole artistic style you´ve developed.

Wow that’s great, I love it! Nice combination of traditional art and 3D!!!

Love Blendrig where the vid?

Simplemente Supremo! it’s a very professional work, no one can tell that it’s made with free open source software. Saludos desde México.

I don`t like that the style changes abruptly , maybe is that is only the trailer and the limit of it! Good work!

:-o , Enhorabuena!!
great work

As I already told you, it looks awesome in any sense.

¡Fantástico trabajo!
Muchas ganas de verlo… ¿Habrá posibilidad de verlo on-line o descargarlo de alguna manera?


Thanks guys!

decamino: en mayo o junio será el estreno. En principio el productor quiere hacer una venta online, además de la exhibición en salas. Yo supongo que después lo convenceré para hacer una versión gratuita por youtube, pero bueno, no puedo prometer nada… :slight_smile: