Crooked UV Seams


i thought i posted this, but perhaps i only hit preview? i can’t find it now :X

anyway, i am following these tutorials:

to create a square uv map on an imported object. mostly it works, but sometimes instead of straight edges to my rectangular map, i get jaggy edges.

i figured if i just MOVE the mountains from the one side into the valleys from the other, it’d be good. but apparently not, because moving them causes the seam between one side and the other to stretch all the way across the map, and that can’t be good.


1: is there a proper way to ‘cut’ sections of the uvmap out to move them without distortion.

2: is there a way to have the cut piece snap to the edge of the immobile piece? i’ve been having trouble keeping the squares all aligned.

or… is there a way i can define the seam line before i start? that would be ideal. is there a trick to select an entire row/column of vertices (i hope)? and to slice the mesh down this seam?



In the UV editor, you can select a row or column of vertices, then press w, then select align X or align Y.

Hope this helps a bit. Best of Luck!


i’m afraid that wasn’t much help; or else i am doing it wrong.

maybe this will help?

on the left is my uvmap after i follow the steps for creating a perfectly square map. project from view, constrain to quads, follow active… blah blah blah.

on the right is how it looks after i try to fix it. the two main problems are – crooked lines where i’ve pulled some vertices down. (but grabbing the vertical line and doing the w/x align will fix that, right?) or are those bottom vertices supposed to be unwelded from the top ones???
… and up in the upper right where i seem to be missing some faces.
i have no idea how that happens.

so… if you’re writing a tutorial for a total newbie on how to fix crooked-seamed uv maps like the one on the left…?


Sorry, it didn’t help, after re-reading your original post, I should have also answered the last question. You can define seams for uv mapping. Select a vertices, then press ctrl e…mark seam. Also, for the same uv map, it is not necessary to project all of the faces at the same time,

Here is a simple plane subdivided. I select some of the faces, then moved them, then, selected the rest and scaled, moved them also. This is a simple example, but may offer a little help. Also, you will notice the seam in edit mode. I created it just for show, but didn’t use it for anything.

Best of Luck!