cross-eyed magic eye (3d) photography with blender

I’ve been trying to do magic eye 3d stuff in blender… where you cross your eyes and the picture pops out at you. You take a pic of your scene from one angle then move the camera to the right and take a another pic of your scene… take the resulting images and put the right pic to the left… the left pic on the right… cross your eyes and see the 3d effect…

my problem is I’m having a hard time figuring out how far away the camera is from the objects… some things pop out out but not the whole scene… any suggestions?

edit: Never mind… figured it out…

cross your eyes to view the 3d photography effect

how far apart are your eyes?

so, if you have your cameras say, 4 units apart, and a car is 4 units long, it will look like a mini model.

so, just imagine the two cameras as eyes, and imagine how big a person would be, and place acordingly

that’s not the problem…

the object i’m focusing on works…it pops out… but not the entire scene
when i just shift the camer its coming out blurry

oh. just have the cameras foucoused to infinity. basicly. move your foucus point back. so the cameras are pointing like this || instead of like this \ /.

There a quite a few threads about this…one of the best is:

if you search for stereo pair (all terms) you will get 20 results - not all are about 3d stereo but most are :wink: