Cross Section and Quantities Bill Scripts.

Hi, it’s too early for me to be messing with scripts but i couldn’t resist exploring what is to me, the magic-like possibilities. I have copy-pasted the above scripts in a text editor, saved them as and respectively and moved them to the blender scripts folder. After “Update Menus”, i am getting both scripts in the Scripts>>Objects menu. However, when trying to apply cross section i get “Fill Closed shapes?” and when i click on “Yes”, nothing happens.

In case of Quantities Bill i simply get “Python script error: check console”

What am i doing wrong? And how do i ‘check console’, i am running a Linux Mint OS.:confused:

you must call blender from a console/terminal:

1-open a console
2-type “blender”
and there you go, you will now see error messages back at this terminal

Thanks, this is the error message in the console: “[email protected] ~ $ blender
Compiled with Python version 2.5.4.
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 1, in <module>
File “/home/sade/.blender/scripts/”, line 204
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ‘\xc2’ in file /home/sade/.blender/scripts/ on line 204, but no encoding declared; see for details”

I visited the link but the information there was more than i could grasp.

how about erase the liine then re write it

that should clear up the bad character i guess


i tried the F7 and i get an error message
that could not be loaded ?

meaming that it’s probably not complete yet
cause you should be able to laod up any script yet
but i cannot only one name

hope it’s going to change soon !

hope it helps

The errant line as per the message is No. 204, and this is what i get when i ‘Go to line’ 204:

def displayLine(name,value,typeValue): # display results
if (typeValue == “length”):
resultForm.write(" “)
resultForm.write(”%.2f" % value)
resultForm.write(" (length)
elif (typeValue == “area”):
resultForm.write(” “)
resultForm.write(”%.2f" % value)
resultForm.write(“² (area)
elif (typeValue == “volume”):
resultForm.write(” “)
resultForm.write(”%.2f” % value)
resultForm.write("³ (volume)
elif (typeValue == “note”):

resultForm.write("DISCARDED MESHES:
for i in value:
resultForm.write (i)
resultForm.write (”
elif (typeValue == “material”):

resultForm.write (value)

Could you please correct whatever is wrong in the above, as i haven’t a clue?

i put something in post which had nothing to do with this thread!

now which line is 204 ?

i mean it’s not a whole paragraph ?
just one line

can you show it ?

another thng is that you cannot see special character in general cause there is no symbols for them usually!

so that’s why i told you to simply erase the line and re write it
so that would get rid of any bad control character !


Well, i couldn’t point that out exactly either, (i mean erase what exactly, and replace it with what?), so i deleted the Quantities Bill script, and reinstalled it from here: . This time i got the script in the Scripts>>Render menu instead of the Scripts>>Object menu (why?), nothing happens when i try to apply it, and in the console this: Quantity Bill Script

Processing Cube …

Any ideas?