crossed swords

just a quick create and render i love them and no i wasnt going for skull and crossed swords just crossed swords XD:ba:


There are a lot of problems in your render, try putting another lamp or activate AO. The models seems a bit simple, look for tutorials on google there are a lot. It would be better if you add textures and change the material settings, not only the color.

Sorry if my English is a little messy.

your English is fine, i really wasnt doing this for perfection, i will do some serious stuff when i get better at blender and rendering. i will take all the tips and tricks you have to offer tho. if you want you can take the image and turn into what ever you want. i will not care if anyone takes any of my projects and turn them into a master piece. right now im looking for a better screen capture program so i can record all of my creations and put them up on youtube or some other site

I also chose the sword topic on my first render, you should trie to improve that first the modeling and texturing skils, they are fundamental, it’s always hard to finish a project, how much did you take to end this one? I remeber when i started i rush to end all very quick and get not as good result. So taking your time to do it is the key. Learn by making. English is not my native lenguage so i always think that i write everything wrong XD

it took me roughly 2 hours to make each one cause i wanted to get all the detail in the hilts. and the indention on the blades i only indented one side on each. and your English is also very good

Try taking half of that time in each part of your work, modeling, materials, texture (thoug you need to learn to UV map), ligthin and the renderin. I’m not an expert but its a good way of taking the time to learn, if you end something in less time then take the rest to see how you can improve it, look for reference on internet and always push your self a little.

i am right now im trying real hard on making a high poly bust i will worry about the body at a later time, but right now the only thing that i can make high poly is an alien head