Crossing the river - [with help of Gen3 & Sculptmode]

Hi friends,

Since my Blender short “The Little Fairy” I didn’t produce a lot in 3D. Coming more to 2D, but last days I took some script I had to test, as the tree generator “Gen3” , and the patch with the famous “Sculpt mode”. ( I love it now )
I had a lot of fun with them, as to append my little fairy in a still image and play again( may be a last time) with her squelet on a 4 metaball creature sculpted.
For making the water, I used the sculpt mode for wave around the creature, and a “nor” cloud procedural for texture.
I hope you’ll enjoy :wink:

A fast making off made with some source I had in my folder before to delete them :

This is a really awesome picture, I like how the dragon is very multi colored and rigid

I really like this picture, but the things that bug me are:

-The lake just fades away into the background

-The fairy looks more like a toy to me, it doesn’t look like she’s alive

-The water ripples look kind of sharp, and generally unrealistic

But other than that it’s really cool.

I love it. it’s nice and colorful and not flat geometry but lots of reallife roughness. very nice. What was said about her not being alive could be fixed by a little gleam in her eye and better use of weight…what am I talking about. it’s great.

Very nice work, DeeVad! Excellent use of the latest features! (really need to dive in to some of those!)

The only two aspects of the image that are only minor distractions: the scarcity of curved grass blades… they mostly seem spikey and straight - and perhaps toss in a few cat-tails to round things out. The other is the color of the fairy’s hair. I’d think a bright golden blond would be more magical than your present choice.

The lighting around the main characters seems a bit “splotchy” - not smooth/uniform like. Also, I don’t know if the Gen3 app can do willows, but that’d be a great choice for the main tree you have there.

The expression on the creature’s face is great!

Wonderful scene! Except the water ripples in the motion area everything looks superb!

Can you show me, please, the nodes for the rendering layers?

Thanks for the reply,
For the observations, it’s right and I see that I more played than trying to well execute the technical part. You’re right on each point.

For the node I use, here it is, made on a empty 3D files, just image input from PNGs I save on my main scene. ( more easy for me to work like this )

After I use my Photoshop to blur the water, correct some artefact. and play with some colors.

Thanks a lot!
PS: love your 2D artworks too!