Crosswalk Project?

What has become of the Crosswalk project? I haven’t seen any activity on it for the past month.

I was wondering the same thing. I haven’t directly participated in the project, but I did follow it for some time.

It seems Enriq fell off the planet in July.

Crosswalk is still alive. We don’t clog up the elysiun forums anymore. We moved to our own forum:

Enriq did disappear mid July. If anyone knows him personally or has heard from him recently, I would be interested to know what has become of our friend.

Yeah, I was following the project on, but things looked like they slowed down considerably there as well. It is very strange that Enriq has disappeared like that. So who’s in charge of the project now?

things are starting to pick up again in light of the recent progress being made. as for a leader, i don’t really see a need for one until Enriq’s return (yes, that’s me being optimistic). i also have good reason to believe without a doubt, the project will be completed sooner than expected because of the dedication and perseverance of this strong community.