Crouching heavy machine

So i start a new project. It will be crouching vehicle like animal. with havy weapons.

So hear it is the arm still some details to do… Then i have to do all body. And legs :smiley: What do you think?

BI render all materials diffuse just clicked new… 25 samples on AO and on light shadows.

The protection those rings are made on curves so i can move it ^^ maybe some rig animation in future…

Very very nice. I definitely want an animation when the model is done.

This will be havy model around 1 milion verticles :smiley: At now there is 700 000. :smiley:

Next to do:
-finish those arms&guns.
-do the whole body details, i have some nice idea with it.
-legs this will be very important so i will put hear many concepts of it…
-details once again, mesh check. (now is no traingles)
-texturing maybe we will see.

Some comments opinions please :smiley:

What a silence xD so hear are 2 new renders, small updates. At now i’m doing legs.


old full HD resolution:


Anyone pliss ^^

Nice details, May i ask how long you have been using blender ?
Keep up the great work!


ow gooddd thank you so much :smiley:

I’m using blender about 3 mounths?