All that I have left to do is make everything proportional (like the cross at the top), do a bit of tweaking (especially on the cross and velvet crown part), add something behind the diamonds to make them stick out (and not show gold material behind so much lol), then add some serious fluffyness to the “headband” thingy, the one with the “cow” material lol.


It’s starting to shape up. Things left to do include fixing up the cross to make it look more like an actual piece of jewelry, add more gems to make it more “royal”, fix up the “headband” part to make it look more…fluffy.

Any other suggestions.


I threw together a quick throne (its not close to done…but getting there) with the crown into a funny little picture I called “even a king takes a break”.

I’m still stuck on how to get the diamonds more realistic looking…as it stands now, any direct lighting on them allows more of the gold to show thru than the diamond…not exactly what I wanted.

Anyway here it is. Any suggestions for either the crown or the throne? I’ve never really seen a throne or crown in real life so this is just from my head. The coke bottle…well that goes with the pic’s theme lol.


Nice start!