Cruella from P. Marchesi H design

Hi there!
I think this one can be shown here now. Patricia Marchesi Herce did this design to help me with lingerie!


Nice work, as usual, a little bit noisy but you really managed your concept art to obtain an interesting style.

Encore une fois du très bon boulot, le résultat est peut-être un peu bruyant mais le style et la patte artistique sont grandioses.

Lucky you! Andrew just posted tutorial on how to get rid of fireflys!

Other than that, love the style as always!

beautiful, and very sexy in a positive way. … i admire how you translated the concept to hold your own distinguished style of creating beautiful woman. … a little nitpick, the wrist bends odd… beautiful work, looking forward to your next. am big fan of your work by now :slight_smile:

Looks like the design has a lot of potential, why would you post such grainy ugly renders? If you are too lazy to give it enough time send me files, I will render a decent image for you, this just hurts I can’t even look at it.


Not work safe! O.o

You’re right. noisy renders are made with a lazy computer.
consider please that final renders are the one with the car. the others are there only cause i like some parts of these wip pictures. wont forget to change posting category to wip.

It’s nice to see some great characters coming around lately, this is one of them.
Keep up the good work

One tip here, add some more stitches to the lingerie, if you look at your reference there are some more stitches here and there.

lovely re-iterpretation of the character!

Thank you journeyman and Daniel. Yes, Patricia told me too to make more stiches…
thanks to have hurt your eyes!

Between drawing and 3d character are pretty similar, good job XAD, i love this nice girl !

XAD, you… :smiley:
Amazing, as always expected from you.

I really like the style. It doesn’t look like its been mentioned yet, but her belly button seems really low. It should be closer to the waist band of her panties, if not under it.

Yep, he’s right…

Lovely work, really nice, I like the car too. :slight_smile: I agree with the comments about grainy-ness. It is a really nice model and execution, it deserves a less grainy render.
I used renderstreet for one job I was doing, they were quite reasonably priced and easy to use. Or get yourself a second hand GTX-580 off ebay.

good to see some CG sexiness that is not super skinny and elongated as is the trend. not a negative comment on skinny models, just that variety is good. one small crit I have, is that the belly button seems a little low on the abdomen.

hey thank you! yees! that belly button is very low placed. i have to work that!
I do agree with noisy renders deserving. they where just wip test, sorry for the fact they are first viewed…
Thanks David for …the car!!! and welcome on my FB page!
Michalis,always great to see you there!