Crushing and uncrushing a can...experiments

I’m experimenting with modeling so that I can get a soda can to crush or “uncrush” in an animation. But also I will make a render of the can spilled over with the soda spelling my company name. I’m actually trying to decide whether to make it “spilled milk” or soda. Anyways, heres the progress on the soda cans…

I will eventually have a website with a portifolio so this is my first works for the site.


Looks good. Use RVKs for the crushing effect. For better control, you may need to use a few RVKs. Key1 for first part of crushing, Key2 for the mid-crush, and Key3 for the final crush. Otherwise your vertices and faces could end up overlapping/twisting each other and have a weird effect.

where can I find information on the rvk’s in blender? I used proportional editing to crush the can in the picture.


does no one know where I can find info on how to use rvk’s??


check out the rigging for fish thread in animation, there is a link to Duoas RVK tutorial.

If you can wait until tomorrow, I will be finished with my RVK tutorial (for noobs). It is excellent and easily explains how to do RVKS. There are very few RVK tutorials for Blender anywhere, and I believe this will be a popular one, being that it is designed for Blender 3.7a and the noob.

This one isn’t bad at all! I was using it for my fish.

great! Thanks Spin!

Thank you womball!

these will help me a bunch.


RVK Tutorial, for the NOOB!

And it is right here…

Let me know if this helpful, because I wrote it.


You did a great job on the tutorial, the wording and the pictures and everything!!! the only problem I had is that I have the latest cvs of blender and (following your directions exactly) I don’t get results at all. It may be because of some changes to the build or something… I’m sure the tutorial will be helpful for others though!


I just downloaded Blender 2.4 Alpha and it seems as though they slightly modified the RVK procedure. An improvement, by eliminating a step or two, but not the best (IMO). It still works, I just have to modify the tutorial for Version 2.4

I really think that the RVKs need a HUGE improvement. They should be as simple as animating the bones. One or two clicks and the vertices are recorded into a Key. Bing Bang and it is done.

I wonder why they didn’t do more than what they did in this version of Blender, for RVKs . Maybe they will, when the official release comes out.