Cryptomatte is here - Amazing!

Does anyone know if we can use Cryptomatte with volumetrics? Or is this not possible because of some Blender/Cycles limitations?

It’s where i looked for it, but it’s not there. I’ll try a newer build today…

@DavidRivera I also wrote that I found the cryptomatte node, you didn’t read well.

you miss read me as well: the “it´s there!” <- part of my message was my happiness to express that “it´s there!” (because at the time of reading I didn´t know it was there). Sorry about the mislead.

Maybe use presets for naming scheme ?

Not here yet, but I’ll try and get it working hopefully soon.

Thanks you @lukasstockner97 for working on the manifest! That would have been next on my list.


Okay, I made some more progress. Fixing this from the Blender side isn’t really possible as far as I can see, since Nuke does the dot to underscore conversion internally I guess the better option is to account for it in the Nuke plugin.

Could you try editing the Nuke plugin by adding name = name.replace(".", "_") in line 222 of (first line of _identify_channels) and then loading the new render I attached to D3862?

OK, thanks for finding that out. :slight_smile:

This is why Cryptomatte is such a game changer for compositing.

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Hi Lukas,

it seems that you only have to change the metadata to make it work!

I changed the name of the cryptomatte layer in the Metadata from “RenderLayer.CryptoMaterial” to “RenderLayer_CryptoMaterial” and then it worked! (The same with “CryptoObject” and “CryptoAsset”)

Hope that helps.

Is Eevee will support cryptomate?

No, but it it technically possible.
So i think we can expect it in the future.

Hi, how exacly U achived that? for nuke or fusion?


in Nuke, with the “ModifyMetaData” Node.

just by changing exr/channels key ?

At the moment it only works in the “crytomatte3.exr” image that lukas provided because this is the only one that has the manifest in the metadata included that cryptomatte needs to work (outside blender anyways).

In Nuke, when you look at the metadata of the image you can find the key thats “cryptomatte/131765d/name”.
That key hat the value “RenderLayer.CryptoMaterial”. That key should be “RenderLayer_CryptoMaterial”.
So I just created a “ModifyMetaData” Node and change the key to “RenderLayer_CryptoMaterial” and then it works! You can do the same with the Metadatakeys for CryptoAsset and CryptoObject.

Unfortunately no current blender build writes the manifest into the metadata of the exr files…

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HI Joe, do you know how to use blender’s Cryptomatte inside Fusion by any chance? Thank you very much.

With the latest patch by Lukas Stockner it works out of the box like described here.

The most complicated step is to get the plugin installed in the first place. You have to place the right files into the right folders. After that it’s a no brainer to use. Just add a Cryptomatte node and then you select the type of Cryptomatte layer to use (object, material, asset) and then there’s a picker that you move over the stuff you want to key and press the “add” button.

HI Steffen Thank you. That’s a great news. try it now.

This is a great plugin for Fusion called Reactor. It has a great collection of fusion plugins, you can just click and install or updates almost any plugin for fusion. You gonna love it.

here is the link.

Thanks for the heads-up. Gonna take a look soon :slight_smile:

Is it in master or i have to build blender my own?
I really badly need that feature