Cryptomatte is here - Amazing!

(Steffen Dünner) #42

It’s in master, here.

(frederico4d) #43

does it work for baking? would be great to have cryptomatte passes for bakes too! I cant make it work :frowning:

(Barthez) #44

Does anyone knows workflow of cryptomatte in AE. I rendered like this.

But I recieved a “No cryptomatte layers found” message when add a cryptomatte effects(Fnord ProEXR 2.0)

When I add extractor effects first and then cryptomatte effects, I can select colors, but effects does not show output color or matte. Like this

(Barthez) #45

I find a right workflow in AE
In blender right output setup for Cryptomatte:


In After Effects Cryptomatte works very well

But this render doesn’t works in Nuke. How can I render for nuke?

(asmithey) #46


I downloaded the recent 2.79 master Blender version on Feb 10, 2019. I wanted to give Cryptomatte a try as I have been chomping at the bit so to speak.

I have a dilemma. One of the main problems with using Blender ID masks is when changing areas with high contrast that butt up together, you strongly notice the anti aliasing. I did a test with Cryptomatte and the same thing is happening. I am getting a halo around the desk tops. When I render masks inside Maxwell Render they are clean and sharp. Am I doing something wrong with Cryptomatte to get these results? Here are some images and my node set up.

I used 32-bit full float multi-layered EXR with no (codec) compression. I rendered cpu+gpu. Cryptomatte levels was set at 6. Do I need to increase this value? Should I not render with gpu to access accurate mode?

EDIT: I tried rendering CPU and Accurate mode…There was no difference in quality of the matte.

White counter top scene is the original.

Grey counter top is modified with Cryptomatte mask

Node set up



(Lumpengnom) #47

I have a problem when Cryptomatte and dupligroups.

In the image below there are two monkeys. Both of them are simple dupligroup. They are two separate objects but Cryptomatte still thinks they are the same. Is it possible that this is because Cryptomatte differentiates based on object name, which normally is unique but when using dupliobjects isn´t?

Are there any workarounds for this?