Crysalis - Epic RPG
Is a epic RPG top shooter were the objective is defend the spire, or destroy it. Gameplay is pretty much based in League of Legends, defend or destroy the reactors, disable the shield, protect or destroy the spire, simple.

-------- THE STORY --------

It was long ago, in one of the moons of a gas giant named Shur’ Jaak, were an asteroid crashed into the planet. This asteroid contained magic crystals, wich had life. These crystals builded up a Civilization, ‘‘The Restorers’’.
They were a peace guarding civilization, but they also had weapons. They only attacked when it was necesary.

After a long time, another asteroid came, but this one was filled with dark crystals, evil ones. But this asteroid didn’t crashed into the moon, it stayed in orbit for about 3 months. Later, it started launching dark ‘‘Cryomorphs’’, the same ones as the Restorers. A huge battle started between the Restorers and the ‘‘Coralis’’ forces.

------- GameModes --------


The Campaing will be set the day the attack was launched, you will command a Cryomorph called Zauri, in a counter attack against the Coralis. While yo find more and more clues about the past of the Restorers, more and more they will turn against you. Your team will be made out by the Cryomorphs Khareo, Shagil and Hetar.

This team will be the key to stop the whole war and survive as you make a rebelion against the Restorers leaders. The whole reason of the rebelion is that the Restorers leaders have been hiding the secret of the past of the Restorers and the Coralis to their people for a long time.

Spire Mode - READY

This mode will be the simple, classic mode. There will be 2 sides - Atackers and Defenders.


Defend the reactors and set up defend points to avoid the disable of the shield covering the Spire.
The defenders must avoid the destruction of the spire at all cost.


Destroy the reactors and disable the shield to destroy the spire. Set up reinforcements points and call in orbital strikes.


CO-OP mode
Team Deathmatch
Titan Mode


And Custom game making…

Screenies soon!