Crysis 3 bow

Some friends of mine are making a non-official mod with and need this bow.

I started working with blender a few months ago and now tried to make it,but its ways to difficult for me.
Please help me,your name would be shown in the credits alltough the mod never will be public :no:
If nobody can make it,a normal compound bow also would be enough.
Thanks for reading this.
English isnt my first language so there might be some mistakes

I could help but will need more images, do you have any better concept images ?

Thats one problem,no.
I found some ingame screenshots via Google,but thats nothing really helpfull

Maybe these two files can help :smiley:

Well,a normal compound bow is ok,i already made one and i think its good enough for the game,but its not that awsome Crysis bow.

When the bow is done where should it be send?
I will make the bow, in my spare time so it could take a while.

You can upload it somewhere and send my the download link.