Crysis: Wars

Dude! I’m playing Crysis: Wars RIGHT NOW! Just installed it today! It’s freakni incredible!!!

They optimised the multiplayer SO WELL it’s basically 50% faster!. It’s faster now on 1 card than it was with SLI running.

But not just that. The game play! Oh the game play. I’m not usually a fps fan, but this game rox the sox. It’s like playing inside of a CG render it’s karazzy

anybody else playing it

ok, I tabbed out to type this going back now

sheesh…someone’s excited :smiley:

Sounds exciting…

It’s from EA, watch out for (computing slowing) DRM;)

I hope your computer crashes…

*starts crying over his inferior box
*dropkicks Kansas in his dumb face

it seems chliche

Wouldn’t that still be the graphics?

yeah i know, i thought about describing the game play for a minute but then I realized it would take me a while and as i was tabbed out in the middle of a MP game I just said the first thing that i thought about, because it IS like being in a CG render

the levels are very well done, I like them a lot more than the Crysis MP. Like one level for instance has tons of swirling leaves AND slanted rain while you and up to 16 other people duke it out using cloaks, and speed mode and stregnth mode it’s awesome.

I mean it’s SO satisfynig to see someone running your direction, then turn on cloak mode, watch them run right past you, and then shoot them point blank a few times in the back of the head, and then right after you just speed mode or stregnth jump away it’s just sweet and probably the most stategic MP FPS I’ve played.

I like it a lot

it’s sort of like playing in a Ghost in teh Shell movie.

And oh boy IS there copy protection on this game. I dont’ really mind though. Becasue without it, Crysis: Wars would be just like Crysis where all the hackers totally made the MP unplayable. Now with the copy protection, if someone hacks, they have the power to deny their CD keys - I think anyway.

well anyway, yes it’s cool and they are having a free to play event i think right now or maybe next weekend. if you know someone who owns it, you can play Crysis: wars MP for free!

I dont’ usually plug games, but I was having lots of fun playing it so I thought I’d share

Noob. :slight_smile: Crysis Warhead has DRM but Crysis Wars doesn’t. There would be no point.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but there are cracked servers.

What about Crysis Warhead through Steam? Does that one have DRM as well?

This is Crysis, of course there are cracked servers.Crysis is the premiere game for crackers and hackers.
Warhead on Steam still has DRM, but not Wars.