Crystal 3d engraving

I am working in crystal engraving shop and i will like
to convert 2d photo to 3d models.
So i will nide to keep elements of the picture and put them on the relief.
Is it possible with Blender ?


first this is not a relief model
more like a 3D inside a transparent block !

you might need to use an external soft or service to get a 3D model from several photos at different angle!

what is the workflow for this kind of model?
make a 3d head then you print it in 3D and surround it with some transp material !

happy bl

… look here: Simulating laser engraved photos in acrylic glass (@ Thea Render Forum)
Different engine but same technique applies.

As Ricky mentioned, one way to do this is by taking multiple photos at different angles. This works well for objects do not move, and a single camera can be moved into many positions and get good results.

For moving subjects, people, pets etc. many cameras must be used to capture the images simultaneously. There is some discussion of multi camera use for 3d scanning on the AGI Photoscan Forum. You can also look here for more info