Crystal in Cave

I followed a tutorial online, on how to make a cave with glowing mushrooms, and all that.

Give me some critique, this is one of my first renders, but well I followed a tutorial.
Any things I can do better? Or any ideas?

When I stare at this work, I feel like it’s ‘blotchy’. An idea with no directions.

I can’t tell what the focus point is, the cave opening or the crystal? Or is it the mushrooms? I think I am aware of the tutorial you mentioned and the difference I see between this and that is composition. Most things in your scene are screaming for equal amounts of attention.

The spacing of the mushrooms draw my attention to them and takes away from the crystal, maybe because the crystal is a little blurred. I don’t know if this is helpful as I can’t tell you what to do, just telling you what I see.

Thats because this “artwork” is literally directly made from a tutorial by blenderguru on youtube…Like on the spot exact, he didnt even make anything on his own. So ofc it wont have any direction, if he doesnt improvise a bit.

To OP; You need to add your own ideas. If there is no purpose of the image and its allready made by a professional then there is nothing to criticize.

I don’t think ‘ideas’ is what’s happening here, but more ‘understanding’. It’s hard to do something without understanding it, no matter what it is.

use microdisplacements and there are mushrooms where there shouldn’t be mushroom