Andrew Price posted a link to something like this image. I saw it and thought it looked pretty cool, and really not too difficult. Gave it a shot. This is the result.

The video tutorial to create the image is now available.

really like and quite close to the one in the link , I would play a bit more with the light and blue glow to make it a but more impressive :slight_smile:

well done

Now you know the technic, so experiment and create something new and original :slight_smile:
An other technic :

And an exemple I made myself :

cool! thx for the tip!

Very nice indeed. Worthy of subscription on youtube :yes:

i can do such things with sverchok and more complex, but image-dependance is hard for now, in sverchok this kind will be with two meshes and distance calculation between points. all described in sverchok basics blend file on site. simple solution, but without image