Cs (ground areas, heliport)

(leonnn) #101

I would work on the textures, i think that this is the only thing that decrease the quality of the game, the look that you gave to the character is unique, specially on your first images, the shading is quite diferent but I fell that there is something to be made on texturing with it to work better specially with that shading.
Exelent work aniway, good luck with it

(sbkodama) #102

Hello and thank you leonnn, well I think about textures but I also improved animations, logic, and other.

Here’s the detail of my latest update:

  • thoughts about island level and new schema,
  • semi-transparent headdress test (alpha clip), with two layers of hair and a opaque hair base integrated to the character (to completely hide skin),
  • normal skin reduction,
  • early island mesh remodeling from the new scheme.
  • simulated field relief test with new normal texture.



(C.A.ligári) #103

Cutting her hair into different styles and giving her different uniforms is nice, but when will you ever uncreepify that STARE ?? .___.

(leonnn) #104

Said the man with the creppy avatar, ehehehehe. and who Im to say that!!! ahahahahuahuha

(system) #105

Nicely done, I like what I’m seeing, this reminds me a lot of Sanctum, with a mirror’s edge feel (look) and the old school tron 2.0 game.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

(sbkodama) #106

Hello and thank for your comment C.A.ligári, leonnn and Xelus. :slight_smile:

Eyes are move with left-right rotation animation and stare depend a little on it, They don’t move with up-down animation because it want more bone so I decided to focus on left-right rotation.
I must say this only one picture of one animation, and other pictures and animations can be better on it.
Somebody told me iris and pupil is a little small too, so maybe I can enlarge it a little.

Mirror’s edge was a reference for internal view, sportwear suit, and plateform gameplay, but I must add some interaction again, like walk run. I don’t know much about Sanctum and tron 2.0 game but thank you.

Well here’s my last update with :

  • new wall and grating perimeter.
  • foundation of a first building,
  • new water color texture more detailed and less mosaic,
  • cloud and star world map revision for better blended with fog.



Otherwise I was wondering if you knew how to make transparent objects shadows, like grating or water ?
I also thought about water reflection, but the last time I tried it I lost textures.

(C.A.ligári) #107

As far as I know, transparent objects throwing more transparent shadows are not possible… but if you need it for something that is static, you can try to fake it by putting a weak lil’ light where the shadow drops.

EDIT: Throw my Words into the Abyss of Oblivion, due to my Unability to master this Achievement…

(sbkodama) #108

Good evening, here are some news of my latest updates. :slight_smile:

  • Search for objects that enhance island
    (pier, central, antenna, solar panels, wind turbines, batteries).

  • wind turbine modeling with pillar and container.


  • ply tests pour original suit.


(sbkodama) #109

Hello blender artists here are my latest updates, I continued the suit folds and I think about plug addition that should allow accessory grip. :slight_smile:



Hello, small edit for new folds test on elbows and knees. :slight_smile:




(sbkodama) #110

Hello blender artists, one closure and strap test. :slight_smile:

(sbkodama) #111

Hello blender artists, new connectors for future accessories. :slight_smile:
(batteries, lamps, gloves, boots, armor, guns, knives, etc?).

(leonnn) #112

Sbkodama, you are doing am good work with this project, I really want to see it done, the shading of your game is quite pecculiar, I hope you stick with it since is pretty different, keep up with the good work, I would change some minor thingsas I allready said but those are still up to you.
Good luck with your development and dont get unmotivated, I know how it is when you are in so advanced stage of the development(and with this suportive comunity(scarsm)) I hope you dont stop and learn every day how to improve your work.

(C.A.ligári) #113

It still haunts me and I cannot stop myself from asking: Why in the World is her Belly Button to be seen through that Suit?? Æstetical Reasons? And her Toes? Probably her Suit is meant to be as thin and narrow as being a second Skin?
(By the Way, Socks are still the best Material for sneaking around, trust me. ;} )

(sbkodama) #114

Good evening and thank you leonnn and C.A.ligári. :slight_smile:

My motivation is less problematic than my inspiration, I have my concept and I do lot of improvisation that may require lot of editing and retouching.

Toon shading is always present on GLSL mode, the important render change is made by texture color, normal, and others, and is totally appropriate. I hope improve this “up” render and I think about good experience-evolution system where I must consider the character possibilities, his combos, decks, actions, thoughts, ect…

For the moment I do a little pose and attempt to refine the basic combination of the character that will receive improvements, the model we can see right now (7855 polygones) will probably ream either normal parallax or displace on a lighter model (2718 polygones).
I also think about items that can enhance my first level “island” where I must consider character possibilities and “up” rendering system. Well I recently saw a report in relation to this level “island” so I think can visualize it a little better. Finally I also must see physic and some character movement that I consider too steep.

Belly button and Toes are visible because the model is derived from a first nude model and I have not changed these parts, as others. Regarding the suit designed to be like a second skin I just tried creases to mitigate this effect, and maybe I would suggest a pair of sock, shoe or boot from the start.

Any opinions, comments and suggestions are welcome on all the points already flown. :spin:

Hello, little edit with seam overview. :slight_smile:




(sbkodama) #115

Hello blender artists. :slight_smile:
little editing of some seams too thick.
health indication test in center of each connector.


(sbkodama) #116

Hello blender artists, secondary color/material test for original suit. :slight_smile:



(HyperReal) #117

I think her eyes would look better if maybe you dilated her pupils or made her eye color darker… Overall very nicely done!

(sbkodama) #118

Good evening and thank you HypeReal. :slight_smile:

Yes pupil size is small and may be I might to increase it, when I thinking about it I thought of the possibility to change depending on the light but the utility of such a thing is may not be worth the blow compared to the complexity of its implementation.

To return to the suit itself I quickly readjusted automatic “weight paint”, but shoulders touch-ups are surely to be expected, and I tried a new pair of color that I called “malicia” :slight_smile:

http://nsa27.casimages.com/img/2011/09/23/mini_110923024659143542.jpg http://nsa28.casimages.com/img/2011/09/23/mini_110923024712886030.jpg

(C.A.ligári) #119

What I like most: She’s got her good ol’ April Ryan Hair back! :stuck_out_tongue:

(sbkodama) #120

Hello and thank you C.A.ligári. :slight_smile:

this hairstyle has been confirmed as a reference when the view of a real model,
there are already quite a few years.

I continue my character with lightweight suit test and iris improvement. :slight_smile: